2 Defferent kinds of Mosquito Zapper

Amazon Bestseller – Charcoal Companion Amazing Bug Zapper

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With its reasonable price tag and effectiveness, no doubt Charcoal Companion Amazing bug zapperis the bestselling handheld electronic fly swatter on Amazon.com.

Similarly with other models, the bugs or insects get killed upon touching the electrical charged net. With its large surface, you rarely miss any insects. Yes, no great coordination is needed here; simply wave the fly swatter at those annoying flying insects.

The electrical current run through the zapper’s net upon activation by pressing the 2 buttons on the handle at the same time. This dual-button activation design does come good for child safety.

Good for the environment

Killing bugs by shocking them electrically, is real good alternative to using the poisonous spray. The bugs killed and air around aren’t contaminated. It’s a real environmentally friendly solution.

Charcoal Companion Amazing bug zapper runs on two AA batteries and available with various colors. There are many customers get more than 1 unit, using each for outdoor , indoor and etc.


Best rechargeable fly swatter – 1 Zap Racket TM

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No doubt the primary advantage of rechargeable bug zapper is that it saves you over $100/year on batteries. And all your AA batteries can now be saved for the other devices such as TV remotes or kid’s toys.

1 Zap Racket TM is a rechargeable bug zapper that able to charge up to 500 cycles. The big plus is that it holds its charge. So depends on usage a full charge can last for 2 to 3 months. It comes with a detachable 2-pin plug power cord for convenient charging.

With its superior quality and solid construction, one does not have to worry about banging it on other hard objects or surface, when waving it around zapping flies. This model is definitely not made of some crappy plastic.

Environmentally Friendly

1 Zap Racket TM rechargeable bug zapper surely a product that is friendly to the environment. There are no pesticides and no landfill waste from continually replacing batteries.

The safety measure

1 Zap Racket TM incorporated the 3-layer safety net design. The external two layers of the zapper protect user from accidentally touching the center electric layer. Besides that, it has also CE and RoHS certified.

The 1 Zap Racket TM has an additional light feature that is not found in other models. It helps you see the bugs as it attracts them to the racket for easy zapping at night.

Racket is better but bug zapper is best. It kill all bug without hardwork. If you want to more information about bug zapper click below https://bugzapperreview.com/