Does it Work: The Electric Racket Bug Zapper

It looks like a tennis racket. You definitely cannot hit an ace with it. When a kid sees it, he or she will try to reach out for it, because it is fun to hold and swing it. With no surprise, some use it as a weapon to hurt their annoying brother or sister.

Image result for The Electric Racket Bug Zapper

The equipment I have just described here is the electronic racket bug zapper.  Others might term it as electric fly swatter, but they are the same and serve the same purpose as the insect killer.

But it’s not a toy. The racket is “strung” with metal bands to form the net and powered with an electrical current.

The electrical current is provided by two AA batteries that usually come supplied in the package. There’s a button at the handle to activate the current which travels through the bug zapper’s net.

Hold it at the handle and swing it to make contact with the flies, you will be amazed by this insect killer. Yes, this bug zapper kills insect on contact with the net and kill it with electrical shock . Each time, the “kill” is marked by a loud “zap” or “pop.”

Also with the large net surface, the electric bug zappers are very convenient because their owners don’t have to be especially stealthy or accurate.

Occasionally, an insect might sizzle for several seconds before getting the “popping” sound.  No surprise if you find an insect that sizzled so long, it started smoking on one of the iron bands.

How to Use an Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper

The worst are those blood sucking mosquitoes that nobody wants to be bitten by.It is now being said that as far as seven feet away, particles of a bug zapped in the electric bug zapper can shower down.

Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper এর ছবি ফলাফল

But in fact, the bugs truly are drawn into the light. Think about a moth in the light. That is the effect that using the bug zapper near your party will have. This will bring the bugs right to the prime feast, the blood of your guests. Obviously, this is not your goal at all, but since you don’t want to feed your guests to the bugs, you will want to position your bug zapping device farther away from the center of the party zone.

To set up your electric bug zapper, use a shepherd’s hook to hang the bug zapper in a location that is at least twelve feet away from the party area. This will draw the bugs away from the party scene, keeping your guests bug bite free, your food bug-zapping garnish free, and everyone happy and healthy. You will only need an outdoor extension cord that is long enough to accommodate your purposes. With these tips, you and your party guests will enjoy a great evening outside without the mosquitoes and other bugs being too friendly.


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