Does it Work: The Electric Racket Bug Zapper

It looks like a tennis racket. You definitely cannot hit an ace with it. When a kid sees it, he or she will try to reach out for it, because it is fun to hold and swing it. With no surprise, some use it as a weapon to hurt their annoying brother or sister.

Image result for The Electric Racket Bug Zapper

The equipment I have just described here is the electronic racket bug zapper.  Others might term it as electric fly swatter, but they are the same and serve the same purpose as the insect killer.

But it’s not a toy. The racket is “strung” with metal bands to form the net and powered with an electrical current.

The electrical current is provided by two AA batteries that usually come supplied in the package. There’s a button at the handle to activate the current which travels through the bug zapper’s net.

Hold it at the handle and swing it to make contact with the flies, you will be amazed by this insect killer. Yes, this bug zapper kills insect on contact with the net and kill it with electrical shock . Each time, the “kill” is marked by a loud “zap” or “pop.”

Also with the large net surface, the electric bug zappers are very convenient because their owners don’t have to be especially stealthy or accurate.

Occasionally, an insect might sizzle for several seconds before getting the “popping” sound.  No surprise if you find an insect that sizzled so long, it started smoking on one of the iron bands.

How to Use an Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper

The worst are those blood sucking mosquitoes that nobody wants to be bitten by.It is now being said that as far as seven feet away, particles of a bug zapped in the electric bug zapper can shower down.

Outdoor Electric Bug Zapper এর ছবি ফলাফল

But in fact, the bugs truly are drawn into the light. Think about a moth in the light. That is the effect that using the bug zapper near your party will have. This will bring the bugs right to the prime feast, the blood of your guests. Obviously, this is not your goal at all, but since you don’t want to feed your guests to the bugs, you will want to position your bug zapping device farther away from the center of the party zone.

To set up your electric bug zapper, use a shepherd’s hook to hang the bug zapper in a location that is at least twelve feet away from the party area. This will draw the bugs away from the party scene, keeping your guests bug bite free, your food bug-zapping garnish free, and everyone happy and healthy. You will only need an outdoor extension cord that is long enough to accommodate your purposes. With these tips, you and your party guests will enjoy a great evening outside without the mosquitoes and other bugs being too friendly.


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Ant Control and Elimination


Ants are social insects. Their nests or colonies can be found indoors and out, although some species have preferred nesting sites. A nest contains one or more queen ants laying eggs and being cared for by worker ants. Worker ants– sterile or non-reproductive female ants–tend the queen and brood (eggs, larvae and pupae) and forage for food. Foraging ants can invade households from colonies outdoors.

Nests often can be located by following “trails” of foraging ants. Indoors, ants nest almost anywhere. For instance, Pharaoh ants readily nest in attics, appliances, linens, heating ducts, wall voids and light switches or fixtures. Killing foraging ants rarely solves an ant problem in the home because the colony remains unaffected.

During certain times of the year, most species produce reproductives, winged male and female ants that leave the nest to mate and establish new colonies. When winged ants swarm in the home, their colony is likely to be located somewhere inside. Winged ants can be distinguished from termites by three characteristics

Winged Termites
• Both pairs of wings have same size and shape
• Hairlike antennae
• No narrow “waist”

Ant colonies do not nest in permanent locations; frequently entire colonies move from one nesting site to another almost overnight. Particularly during very wet or abnormally hot and dry weather, ant colonies whose nesting areas are flooded or lack food and water often migrate indoors.

Worker ants foraging for food and water become a concern when they infest food or other items in the home. Although most ants consume a wide variety of foods (they are omnivorous), certain species prefer some types of foods and some even change their preferences over time (Table 1). Species of ants that sting, such as red imported
fire ants, can endanger young children, confined pets and bedridden people.

Foraging workers of some ants establish temporary chemical (pheromone) trails that help other ants find food and water. These species can “recruit” other ants to a resource quickly and in high numbers. Food is brought back to the colony and fed communally among the other members of the colony.

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Renewed Interest in Insecticidal Soaps

Insecticidal Soaps এর ছবির ফলাফল

Insecticidal soaps that promise control of insects without further contamination of the environment by much more toxic chemicals have been receiving much attention lately. Actually, various soaps have been used for insect control since the late 1800’s.

While insecticidal soaps exhibit very low toxicity to mammals, the potassium salts of the fatty acids that they contain dissolve the cell walls of certain insects, resulting in a loss of cell content and death. They work best on soft-bodied insects and may not be effective at all on those with hard, impervious exteriors or exoskeletons.

Some gardeners have known of these properties for many years, long before insectical soaps were readily available. They have used Fels Naptha soap to control insects, especially on house plants where chemical controls were smelly and unpleasant. In some instances, dishwashing detergent was found to be just as effective in controlling pests like aphids, spider mites and mealy bugs on house plants. In a few cases, detergent burned plant tissue.

But soaps were pushed into the background when the organophosphates, carbamates and chlorinated hydrocarbons came into use in the 1940’s and 50’s. Those chemicals, for the most part, controlled a wide range of pests, or gave good control in specific cases, so little thought was given to alternatives.

They were contact insecticides, which usually provided control regardless of the stage of a pest’s life cycle. But insects gradually developed resistance to those pesticides, and it became necessary to develop generation after generation of new chemicals, often more toxic than their predecessors. Many newer chemicals were hazardous to mammals, including humans, and some contained carcinogens. The fear of using those chemicals led to renewed interest in insecticidal soaps.

The most widely used and promoted product today is Safer’s insecticidal soap, which provides good control for aphids, spider mites, white fly, lace bug, tent caterpillars and other such pests. It is available from garden centers and garden supply stores.

Insecticidal soaps will control only those insects with which they come in contact when applied. They are also effective during only the adult and immature stages of susceptible insects and have little effect on their eggs. This means frequent applications are necessary for good control.

Certain guidelines should be followed to achieve satisfactory results. Those who remember the old commercials that implied using the wrong laundry products would result in ”tattletale gray” clothing, will remember that using soap with hard water creates the problem. Soap and hard water result in a milky solution with few suds and in an insoluable gunk that becomes embedded in the clothing, causing the gray color. But soap and soft water result in a clear solution and lots of suds. It works the same way with insecticidal soaps.

Insecticidal Soaps এর ছবির ফলাফল

How to use insecticidal soaps

Use insecticidal soaps with soft water and thoroughly cover the lower and upper surfaces of the leaves. Since the solution must come in contact with the insect to control it, apply the spray until it drips off. In preparing the soap for application, fill the tank first, then add the water. Should you experience excessive foaming, try a defoaming agent that can be bought at most garden supply stores.

For maximum effectiveness, apply insecticidal soap only when weather conditions will allow it to dry slowly and thoroughly.

One should always refer to the label for the list of plants for which an insecticidal soap is recommended. Despite their low toxicity, the soaps may burn some plants.

The wooly adelgid that is attacking hemlocks is an example of a pest that can be effectively controlled by insecticidal soap. The soap penetrates the insect’s waxy white covering. Again, thorough coverage is essential for good control. Keep in mind that the month of October is one of the best times to spray for this pest.

Insecticidal soaps are expensive. One can only hope that the price will come down with increased usage. But research scientists and commercial growers have recently reported that using half the recommended amount does not reduce control. And there is evidence that combining insecticidal soap and chemical controls, both at half rate, will give better control than using either material alone at the recommended amount. As more information becomes available, garderners may be able to take advantage of this synergistic effect to achieve better control and minimal environmental contamination.

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Duck Hunting Gear

সম্পর্কিত ছবি

Year after year the improvements in duck hunting gear continue to make your hunt more effective and enjoyable. While your success each year will vary based on the waterfowl population and just plain luck, your equipment and accessories will improve your odds of success.

What type of duck hunting gear has improved the most? Let’s start with decoys, calls, blinds, and clothing. Camouflage hunting vests, waders and jackets are not only more comfortable but are so well designed the patterns make you virtually invisible.

Yes, there has been an improvement in ammunition such as the non-toxic shot being used for your health safety when consuming your waterfowl. Add to that the increased distance your shot will travel form higher velocity loads enhances your hunt success.

Buck Gardner Double Nasty Duck Call MallardGreen/clear even duck call construction and results have improved with new and proven technologies.

Take the Buck Gardner Double Nasty Duck Call pictured here. This double-reed call is unique because it’s assembled on a single reed frame with an extra large exhaust port.

That large port lets those hail calls cut through wind or reach above the tall timber.

Duck Hunting Gear এর ছবির ফলাফল

These type of innovative improvements is what makes most hunters excited about the sport and the other enhancements in duck hunting gear and equipment that enhances the entire hunting experience.

Any type and style of blind are now available and at a price that is just right. Boats, canoes, and kayaks are built specifically for the duck hunter in mind with camouflage that will meld your mind and blend in perfectly along the shore. Bagging your duck or waterfowl game never got more natural.

duck hunting clothesLet’s talk about the area of the greatest duck hunting gear improvement; Duck hunting clothes.

These clothes include vests like Dans Hunting Gear Brown Duck Front Loader Vest Brown With Orange Pockets pictured here, jackets, waders, boots, and gloves will keep you dry and comfortable.

Not only that, but the range of movement you get with these lightweight yet strong garments is a hunters dream come true.

Lightweight, windproof, waterproof, comfortable, warm and no restriction in movement and you have one great day hunting.

waterfowl hunting gearAnother area of unbelievable advancement is duck blinds. The designs now are made to match different areas of the country.

They are made out of strong yet lightweight material like this pictured Camosystems Ultra Lite 8 Foot x 20 Foot Camouflage Netting.

সম্পর্কিত ছবি


This makes them very portable and durable.

Whether for land or your boat the prices have come down while the quality and functionality has dramatically improved. They have never been more affordable and convenient. Trekking to your favorite hunting spot is effortless with the new compact and portable duck blinds.

duck boat blindsBlinds for boats, kayaks, and canoes not only hide you but also effectively blend your boat right into the surrounding environment.

Boat blinds like the PMI Cover System™ Camouflex® Duck Blind for Boats 10′ – 12′ pictured here makes it a breeze to bag your duck or other waterfowl.

That is because you are so effectively hidden that the waterfowl will readily come right to you.

Made from the same design patterns as land blinds these boat blinds are a snap to set up and attach.

Specialized waterfowl hunting boats are all the rage now with almost every manufacturer offering one or more models. The variety of lengths and built-in accessories will make your hunt a luxury event. There are even hunting boats that have shelving and storage for your shotguns, decoys and other duck hunting gear that will keep them dry and secure.

The camouflage designs are out of this world and everything from fuel tanks, railings, steering consoles, seats, and even ice chests are now all perfectly blended and camouflaged. Specialized and advanced with the comforts of a luxury yacht is the aim and they hit it right on the bulls-eye.

Any river, stream, lake, and swamps are easily in reach for hunters with these hunting boats. They get you easily to your desired hunting spot while comfortably accommodating you and your friends’ waterfowl hunting gear. No longer do you have to struggle with your gear in an ill-equipped boat.

Let’s not forget about the changes in the boat motors. No longer are logs, mud, weeds and other obstacles in the water a distraction from your hunt. The conventional outboard motor is a thing of the past. New shallow water motors specifically designed for marshes, swamps and streams now allow for ease of operation while hunting. These new motors were developed to effectively take on and conquer obstacles such as waist-deep mud, boulder ridden streams and thick mats of weeds.

The improvement in duck hunting gear in even just the last couple of years will make your hunt safer, more comfortable and forever remembered. Isn’t it time you got or upgraded your waterfowl hunting gear?

3 Tips for Teaching Youngsters How to Shoot

How to Shoot এর ছবির ফলাফল

This spring both my ten year old and seven year old sons will be going turkey hunting. I have been working with them on their shooting in preparation for this.


Most of the shooting tips I see regarding young shooters are not very practical for the type of hunting that we do. I see many people using the Caldwell Field-Pod, which makes sense if you do not have to haul it a mile or more through the swamp to get to your hunting location.


Nearly all of our hunting takes place on public land and requires the ability to be mobile, we do use a pop-up style ground blind but that is about the limit in terms of hauling gear around.


For this reason, my boys use a simple shooting stick. You can see an example here.


Based on my experience, looking back to when I was a kid learning how to hunt and also through helping my sons the last couple of years, here are the top three tips I would suggest for teaching youngsters how to shoot.


1.Use Ear Protection

Growing up in the 80′s I never really remember being too concerned about hearing protection. That has changed in today’s world and it is for the better. Not only does hearing protection ensure that young eardrums are not damaged, it also provides young shooters more confidence and control while shooting as they are not cringing in expectation of the deafening muzzle blast.


My sons love these shooting muffs from Caldwell. They are battery operated and the built-in microphone allows for normal conversation but any sound over a certain decibel level gets blocked out.


2.Assist With Recoil

This past Saturday my seven year old was practicing with his 20 gauge and the thing he was most concerned about was recoil. I made sure to hold the back of the gun in an attempt to absorb the bulk of the recoil. The field pod mentioned above is a great way to prevent this, especially while target shooting.


However, when it comes to an actual hunting situation in which the field pod is impractical, young shooters need to be prepared to deal with at least some of that recoil.


Most importantly, you want to protect your youngster from getting smacked in the face by any scope, hammer, or other part of the gun that could potentially damage them. On Saturday, my son did not hold his face tightly enough into the stock and when he shot it hit him in the lip. Nothing serious but it was enough to make him uneasy about a second shot.


These types of unintended injuries can make a child or beginning shooter fearful of recoil which leads to bad shooting habits.


Avoid using magnum loads with young shooters and never pressure a child into shooting a larger caliber of gun that they can comfortably handle.


3.Offer Plenty of Encouragement

The easiest thing to do is criticize or expect better results. Give young shooters lots of praise, even if you think they could have done better. You can offer tips and advice but always build their level of confidence while doing so. The most important thing is to make shooting a fun experience and something that they will want to continue doing.


Avoid forcing kids to shoot if they are not ready or hesitant. They will eventually express a desire to shoot and when they do, it is your responsibility as  their mentor and guide to ensure they have a great time and that they are safe. Teach proper gun safety early and often. Set clear boundaries for when they can use firearms. My boys know that guns are only to be handled when Dad is around to supervise.

Camping Deals Galore!

Camping Deals Galore এর ছবির ফলাফলSo summer is here and like most of you out there, I am thinking of how many weekends I can get away and go camping. It is always a great adventure to get away for a few days, set up your tent, and just relax. Let all those worries and cares just melt away and enjoy the luxury of doing nothing but being in the great outdoors!

It doesn’t really matter if you are a family of car campers, a couple of serious mountain hikers or one very intense wilderness hiker, this is the time of year to indulge in your heart’s desire. Of course, no matter what kind of a camper or hiker you are, you always need gear. And I always find myself spending more than I should, and wanting more than I think I can afford. So I have been up on the web looking for bargains, and I am more than happy to share them with everyone. Here is what I found:

First of all, you need some basic equipment like knives, lanterns and water containers. Here are a few I found that are all on sale, so get them now while they are still in stock! Of course, sometimes it is great when you find something online that you wouldn’t normally buy because it is more of a luxury, but it happens to be on sale.

I would call all of these items that kind of purchase. I don’t normally get something like a kit for a solar warmed shower, but man, at this price how can I not? I found a few items that fall under this category. I am sure there is something in here that you just know will make that next camping trip just a little more fun. So whatever your excuse for camping, let’s get all our cheap and not so cheap camping gear together and head out to the great outdoors just as soon as we can!

The summer doesn’t last forever, and we want to get all that fine camping time in that we can. See all of you around the campsite!

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Find Your Perfect Campsite Anywhere in the U.S.

Perfect Campsite এর ছবির ফলাফলYou made the decision to go camping! Now to find your perfect campsite. Whether you are an experienced camper or the first time novice camper, finding a campsite to satisfy your needs should not be hard.

There are literally thousands of public and private campgrounds that adorn the landscape across America from primitive sites (no amenities) to RV resorts.

Camping under the stars

Everyone has their own perception about what getting back to nature and relaxing means. Some prefer backpacking for several hours to an unmarked site, then pitch a lean-to for shelter, while others prefer the RV park with a pool and camp store near by.

The key to finding your perfect campsite is knowing where you want to go, the type of camping you prefer, and what activities you want. Some helpful questions you may want to ask yourself are:

How long will I go for?
How far from home do I want to travel?
When do I prefer to go?
Who is going with me? e.g. small children, teenagers
What is my budget?

Make reservations several months ahead of time, especially if making them for the summer, the peak camping season.

Public campgrounds are controlled and operated by either the federal, state or local governments. They range in size from a few hundred acres to several million acres and offer a wide variety of outdoor activities. Two major government agencies that administer the parks are the National Park Service (NPS) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Besides the federal government, there are numerous campgrounds in every state. Also, many cities have created public parks available for use by everyone. If you truly want to get back to nature and enjoy the great outdoors, then a public campground quite possibly may be the way to go.

Plan your trip so you arrive early to mid afternoon. This way you have plenty of time to set up camp.

Private campgrounds on the other hand are generally owned and operated by businesses or private owners. You will find them near national parks, close to interstates, and in cities and towns. Most are located on majestic private lakes and cater to RV campers more than to tent or wilderness camping.

Many have campers permanently situated on them for rent by the day, week, or month and offer amenities most public campgrounds don’t. Such amenities found at private campgrounds may include swimming pools, spas, recreation rooms, miniature golf and snack bars.


Most people relate camping to pitching a tent on a predetermined campsite location during the warm summer months. However, to enjoy the great outdoors without mosquitoes, ticks, sweltering heat or poison ivy, and to view nature in a differant perspective, then winter camping is the way to go.

There are less crowds and the white snow has a serenity unmatched by almost anything else in nature. However, winter camping can be more hazardous and should be done with caution and more extensive planning and preparation than summer camping.

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Getting Rid of Cockroach Infestations in the House

Cockroach Infestations এর ছবি ফলাফল

There’s not anything on earth more loathed, and possibly feared, compared to a cockroach infestation. Long the aggravation and undesirable resident of important metropolitan towns, the cockroach resists many pest-removing procedures. And, like if they were not already gruesome enough, they take diseases and germs.

Cockroach Basics

Have a look at this report to reach the origin of those pests. They live up to a year and are largely nocturnal, however when independently present, they can run away when subjected to light. But, infestations increase boldness and daytime activity.


Cockroaches are most common in subtropical and tropical climates, typically living near human-occupied buildings or large urban-living densities with meals and space to grow. Some species, like the Chinese or American, strains are present in huge populations when encouraged by water and food from individual dwellings, and they’re routinely located in and around trash cans, kitchens, or food-storage places.

Cockroach Infestations এর ছবি ফলাফল

Roaches like moisture and may find their way to multiplying amounts close to a leaky pipe between the walls, under a broken drain overflow, or in regions long disused, like storage areas or drawers and cabinets. Surface water may prolong the life span of a roach long enough to allow this to scurry beneath a vehicle, climb up a tree with a window, or creep to a gentleman’s hothouse plant left to the doorstep.

Ventilated storehouses where spoiled or broken food containers have been aggregated may spawn a massive population that could flow out into a field and also be transported miles off, spreading into widening circles of insect population behaviour.


The female can produce as many as eight batches of numerous offspring in a life. A roach female could produce in her life 300-400 offspring. Therefore, the presence of several cockroaches suggests an exponential threat for potential infestation.


Roaches are capable of dwelling for a month with no food and can stay alive even when headless for as much as a week. Cockroaches have a lot greater radiation immunity than vertebrates, even though a deadly dose of radiation at a nuclear attack or bioterror wave burst could be 6-15 times that for people.

Natural departure of cockroaches probably happens because of predation by larger creatures. Since pests are engineered like vertebrates, nerve toxins and gas out of pest-control elements change muscular coordination. The cockroach finally expires in its own upside-down position brought on by muscular spasms which frequently bring about the cockroach switching on its own back.

Cockroach Infestations এর ছবি ফলাফল


Cockroaches have existed for at least 350 million years with roughly 4,000 species of cockroaches present. Out of approximately 22 species, four especially cause all of the trouble. Even the German, American, brown-banded, along with oriental cockroaches are a number of the planet’s most disdained insects.

Human-Health Threats

Cockroaches are frequently a health hazard. Habits and high reproductive rates of insect cockroaches may result in large populations spreading disease organisms, contaminating food, resulting in allergies, as well as worsening asthma.

Reported from the National Pest Management Control Association, cockroaches are reported to spread 33 types of germs, six types of parasitic worms, also more than five individual embryo.

Interesting fact: In 2006, celebrity Michelle Rodriguez of this TV series “Lost” needed to take steroid medicine whilst filming on place in Hawaii, as she’s long-been allergic to cockroach “pollen.” The tropical surroundings created roaches and their by-products anyplace on the seas, and anyplace on the place, a health danger.

Eliminating Roaches

Cockroach Infestations এর ছবি ফলাফলImplementing a Pest-Control Agent

One bomb plus a single pair of roach “motels” may not do away with a cockroach issue. It is a conflict of numbers. Man-made substances like hydramethylnon gel or deltamethrin are essential to fight structural penetrations and infestations.

Experienced pest-control agents ought to be consulted, since they’ll know the applicable facts about neighborhood roach contamination tendencies, infestation monitoring, breed changes, in addition to effective approaches to finish the roach job.

Roach-Killing Compounds

Considering that the cockroach has several all-natural predators, person must step into eliminate them. Individuals experienced in roach control in national places know that roaches won’t cross a line of borax, and sometimes, bleach additives or ammonium chloride could be powerful (although advocated for industrial use only).

House Centipedes

If cornstarch, flour, or food-smelling factors are inserted into the roach “powder,” afterward roaches are drawn to it and inhale it in. This dust functions in a level which makes human dimensions once more an edge; the dust is somewhat acrid or bothersome to a person, but to some little insect it’s hazardous.

Strangely, a house centipede is the very best control representative of cockroaches. Many individuals despise using this technique within their house because a reasonable defense against roaches, nevertheless.


House and construction construction structural and quality layout integrity and quality also co-vary reinforcement of cockroach infestation with water flows, cracked ceramic, faulty drains, and undisputed spaces in walls or hidden locations.

New research linked to pest-control improvements show cockroaches leave compound paths in their own feces. Other cockroaches will stick to these paths to detect sources of water, food, and in which other cockroaches are hiding. Therefore, constant cleaning can eliminate a few of the “messages” left within your property.


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